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Kink Meme Closure

As I'm sure most of you are aware by now, the original st_xi_kink meme has been officially, completely closed. Not unexpectedly, a new one has been created elsewhere (at st_xi_kink_meme for those of you who don't feel like wading through the comments of the closure post).

What does that mean for our indexing efforts? I think as far as this comm is concerned we will still strive to continue/complete indexing for the original kink meme - but that will be as far as it goes. Now that the meme has been closed we are no longer in a race to keep up; and although I would love for the delicious index to eventually be complete, that is probably far in the future.

The new meme has an index in place at st_xi_kink_meme. I don't know if it's collaborative or who is in charge of that effort, but if anyone stopping by here is interested in indexing for them I suggest contacting the mod of the new meme. Our community is still looking for a few more people to index the last two parts of the original kink meme, so maybe give us a hand before dashing off to the new one? :P

Thank you for all your hard work, guys; the sheer amount of time and manpower that went into this effort has been truly astounding.
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