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General Guidelines for Delicious

This is a compilation post of some of the stuff has been starting to come up while we index, and the general guidelines that we have sort of fallen into. :) If more stuff comes up or I have forgotten something, please comment and I will add it to the main post!

Now behind a cut, in case this gets long:
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Progress Report for Filled Prompts

Good morning afternoon, everyone, and happy Fourth of July to all our American friends!

This is your (un)regularly scheduled status update. I'll continue to update this post as we hear back from indexers finishing their sections. Great work, everyone! ♥ ♥ I think we've indexed over 600 filled prompts since July 2nd. \o/

One last piece of business: If you feel up to doing more indexing/joining the indexing team, there are lots of openings on the Unfilled Prompts Claim Post. Head on over and help out if you can!

malo_malo: Part 1

vamp_28: Part 2, pages 1 through 28
vamp_28: Part 2, pages 29 through 57

schweinsty: Part 3, pages 1 through 23
fairhearing: Part 3, pages 24 through 46

tooright99: Part 4, pages 1 through 20
dbzlives: Part 4, pages 21 through 43

pollyrepeat: Part 5, pages 1 through 20
skips: Part 5, pages 21 through 40
star2954: Part 5, pages 41 through 57

canadian_plant: Part 6, pages 1 through 20
smallearthcat: Part 6, pages 21 through 40
emmypenny: Part 6, pages 41 through 54

emmypenny: Part 7, pages 1 through 20
vibishan: Part 7, pages 21 through 40
snowishness: Part 7, pages 41 to close

aoyagi_rikka: part 8, Pages 1 through 20
skips: part 8, Pages 21 through 40
vamp_28: Part 8, pages 41 to close

verde_ivy: Part 9, pages 1 through 20
dbzlives: Part 9, pages 21 through 40
tikitiki12: Part 9, pages 41 to close

raihu: Part 10, pages 1 through 20
avidita: Part 10, pages 21 through 40
to_special_hell: Part 10, pages 41 to close

kxhara: Part 11, pages 1 through 20
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second verse, same as the first

ZOMG, we are fast. The "completed" post will go up in a bit, but I noticed some discussion about archiving unfilled prompts. I thought we would have to leave that for a couple of days until we got the filled prompts under control, but obviously we are so fast (and have so many willing volunteers) that we are beyond such puny concerns!

So. Discussion post! Possibly our best bet is setting up a second delicious account. Thoughts? Suggestions?

ETA: Delicious works for us, so that's what we're going to go with. st_xi_kinkunfilled has been set up for our purposes. For those of you already indexing - are you interested in also working on unfilled prompts for your sections? Additionally/alternatively, are there other volunteers currently without a section to index who are interested in assisting with this endeavour?
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aren't we all AWESOME?

It looks like all the sections have now been claimed! If you missed your chance to join the indexing team today, keep watching the community. If the meme continues the way it has been, there will be more openings in the future.

Awesome work, people! I've been watching the delicious account update and rubbing my hands together gleefully. Please post back here once you've finished your section, or if you need someone else to take it off your hands. I'll stick up a post tomorrow that'll have the statuses for each of the sections, and update it as each section is completed.
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quick delicious guide and general questions

Hello fellow indexers!

I've noticed a few people who have expressed interest in assisting with indexing, but haven't really used delicious before. If you are one of those people, this is for you! It's sort of quick and dirty, but hopefully it will be helpful. This post can also be used for additional questions related to indexing, using Delicious, Firefox, etc. etc.

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I've probably missed something, but this will hold for now. Thanks, guys!
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Claim Post!

You want to help index fics from the st_xi_kink kink meme on delicious? Great! I have broken the kink meme into sections below. Choose a section that you want to be responsible for and comment to let us know that you are claiming that section.

Some tentative guidelines:

- A post will be up shortly with directions on indexing fics in delicious. Please respond there if you have any questions!
- Once you claim a section, I will PM you the delicious password. Please let me know if you don’t get it in a reasonable amount of time.
- Try to check your section on a regular basis (i.e., every couple of days). If you don’t think you can spend a chunk of time every few days indexing fics, don’t claim a section.
- Just let us know if you realize that you can’t keep up with your section! We’ll find someone to fill your spot. We completely understand that RL comes first!

Claim one of the following sections:

Part 1 Claimed by malo_malo

Part 2, Pages 1 through 28 Claimed by vamp_28
Part 2, Pages 29 through 57 Claimed by vamp_28

Part 3, Pages 1 through 23 Claimed by schweinsty
Part 3, Pages 24 through 46

Part 4, Pages 1 through 20 Claimed by tooright99
Part 4, Pages 21 through 43 Claimed by dbzlives

Part 5, Pages 1 through 20 Claimed by pollyrepeat
Part 5, Pages 21 through 40 Claimed by skips
Part 5, Page 41 through 57 Claimed by star2954

Part 6, Pages 1 through 20 Claimed by canadian_plant
Part 6, Pages 21 through 40 Claimed by smallearthcat
Part 6, Pages 41 through 54 Claimed by emmypenny

Part 7, Pages 1 through 20 Claimed by emmypenny

More parts to come as needed. This is a kink meme, after all. Ha! Oh, I crack myself up...
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This is basically a placeholder until stuff starts happening, but hopefully this comm will be a space to organize and divide up indexing duties for the st_xi_kink meme. Because yes, we love it that much, and yes, we are that crazy.

ETA: Potential volunteers, please leave a comment so that we can get a headcount!

ETA2: Aaaand edited again for language clarification. The plan is to index filled prompts on delicious, not create a second archive here.