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indexing the st_xi_kink meme (!!!!)
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The purpose of this community is to organize volunteer efforts to index filled AND unfilled prompts at the st_xi_kink meme.

You can now claim several pages of your very own to index and love! Please note that this can be a very time-intensive process, so be aware of your own limitations.

- Filled Prompt Claim Post
- Unfilled Prompt Claim Post
- Guide to using delicious in general, and a more specific guide to adding to the st_xi_kink and st_xi_kinkunfilled accounts.

Volunteers who have claimed a portion to index will receive the password to the st_xi_kink and/or st_xi_kinkunfilled delicious accounts by PM.

The original kink meme has been closed. Although a new meme (and a new delicious index) has been started elsewhere, this community remains dedicated only to the original meme. Our indexing efforts are ongoing (it's a big job!) and we are still accepting volunteers.