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delicious and the future

As a lot of you have no doubt heard by now, it seems that Yahoo, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to "sunset" Delicious. They are shutting it down. This has been confirmed by more than one source, including former Delicious staff member Britta. According to Britta, this means that the situation will likely resemble what happened with Geocities: "There are no details yet on when or how, from any of my sources inside Yahoo. It could be months or years - although they'll almost certainly announce it ahead of time (at some point)..."

What does this mean for the st_xi_kink account? Well, it means that it's time to start heading for the fire exits in a calm and orderly fashion. First, and perhaps most importantly, while Delicious will soon no longer be with us, there should be warning. Hopefully, there will be enough time to evaluate the options that are out there.

What are those options? From various chatter on Twitter, LJ, and Delicious itself, Pinboard seems to be emerging as the clear leader. Problematically, it requires a one-time flat fee to open an account, which is steadily rising as more users join. Other options include Diigo (please note there has been talk about security issues and less-than-perfect Delicious importation) and possibly evernote.

There is also ongoing discussion regarding the creation of a specifically fan-friendly Delicious clone here.

The servers for Diigo and Pinboard are both being hammered right now, but it shouldn't be necessary to immediately import the meme bookmarks. We do still have a backup! malo_malo will have an HTML copy of the Delicious account that was exported early this afternoon. This gives you time to look at the different options, and maybe get in contact with the maintainers of other large community Delicious accounts and see which direction the wind is blowing. In the meantime, bookmarking business should be able to continue as usual until another home as found, and a backup of the account will need to be made on a regular basis.

Regretfully, due to RL concerns I would not have enough time to assist in this transition with anything approaching regularity, and so I am removing myself as a maintainer of this community. I have been in contact with malo_malo, who will still be around and will be looking after things in the interim. We know there are still active volunteers, so if anyone wants to step up to spearhead this move, please leave a comment to this post and message malo_malo directly.